Jennings Capital Management CTA offers a number of distinct advantages over traditional Mutual
Funds and Hedge Funds.
1. Segregated Accounts. All JCM customers maintain a segregated account that is never commingled
with other customers monies. The account holder is the only authorized individual that can transfer
monies to or from the account.
2. Unparalleled Liquidity. Unlike Mutual Funds or Hedge Funds you have near instant liquidity in
your JCM account with the ability to wire funds in or out of your account on a same day basis.
3. Accountability. Every JCM account has a daily reporting feature, that if enabled, you will receive
an email on a daily basis reporting the positions and balance of your account.
4. Tax efficiency. Since JCM strategies are actively managed, short-term capital gains become a
concern. JCM only invests and trades in tax efficient products that inherently offer an advantage to
short term capital gains.
5. Personal Service. All JCM account holders have daily access to a team that is devoted to your
financial success. Mr. Jennings meets regularly with investors to discuss their objectives and
concerns and is available daily via telephone or e-mail.
If interested in discussing your investment objectives
with Mr. Jennings, personally,
click here.
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Future and futures options trading involves substantial risk of loss, is not for everyone and only risk capital should be invested.
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