Burr Jennings is a licensed series 3 with over 30 years of business and trading
experience. Since 1997 Mr. Jennings has been an individual and proprietary trader
for his own account as well as for an investment bank and a hedge fund. In 1999
Mr. Jennings developed a dynamic risk and money management program for
containing risk on institutional and proprietary trading floors. Mr. Jennings sold this
program to an international investment bank and subsequently became their director
of risk management and head trader for over a dozen proprietary traders.
A brief note from Mr. Jennings:
I began my work in the capital markets as far back as 1984 when I hedged the
currency exposure of an import company that I owned in Newport, Rhode Island.  
In both business and personal investing, my goal has always been to provide my
family with a long-term solution to the age-old problem of producing aggressive
returns while maintaining minimal risk.
In my opinion, the only way to accomplish such a feat is to actively manage
investments utilizing both long and short strategies in products that are inherently
tax-efficient. Jennings Capital Management is dedicated to this quest and strives daily
to provide our customers with the very best products and services.

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Futures and options on futures are not suitable for all investors. Only risk capital  should be
invested as futures and options have the potential for substantial profits as well as losses
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