Jennings Capital Management (JCM) is devoted to the
proprietary development and active management of
aggressive growth strategies for inherently tax efficient
investment products.
All JCM investment products have been personally
developed and traded in Sarasota since 1997 by Burr
Jennings as a professional trader, educator and president
of JCM a registered Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA).
It is Mr. Jennings investment philosophy that today's
markets require active management to achieve aggressive
returns. Active management requires hands-on seasoned
professionals and tax efficient investment products.
Jennings Capital Management is a culmination of more
than 15 years of market research and analysis dedicated
to proprietary investment strategies developed to
maximize return in both bull and bear markets.
Futures and options on futures are not suitable for all investors. Only risk capital  should be
invested as futures and options have the potential for substantial profits as well as losses
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