Jennings Capital Management (JCM) is entirely
committed to the development and active management of
investment growth strategies for the benefit of our clients.

All JCM investment products have been personally
developed and traded in Sarasota since 1997 by Burr
Jennings a professional trader, educator and President of
JCM a registered Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA).

It is our investment philosophy that today's markets
require active management to not only achieve above
average returns but to ensure relatively low risk. Active
management requires hands-on seasoned professionals
and tax efficient investment products.

Jennings Capital Management is a culmination of more
than 20 years of market research and analysis dedicated
to proprietary investment strategies developed to
maximize return in both bull and bear markets.

Burr Jennings and Jennings Capital Management have
National Futures Association (NFA) members since
2005 and are regulated by the

Jennings Capital Management offers numerous distinct
advantages over traditional stock portfolio's, mutual
funds and hedge funds.

1. Security. All JCM customers maintain a segregated
account with
Wedbush Securities that is never
commingled with other customers monies. The account
holder is the only authorized individual that can transfer
monies to or from the account.

2. Unparalleled Liquidity. Unlike stocks, mutual funds
or hedge funds you have near instant liquidity in your
Wedbush account with the ability to wire funds in or out
of your account on a same day basis.

3. Accountability. Every account holder has daily
reporting via email sent directly from Wedbush Securities
reporting the positions and balance of your account.

4. Tax efficiency. Since JCM strategies are actively
managed, short-term capital gains become a concern.
JCM only invests and trades in tax efficient products that
inherently offer an advantage in short-term capital gains.

5. Non-correlated Products, all JCM offerings are
designed for maximum efficacy in both bull and bear
markets. None are directly correlated to any individual
stock or market.

6. Personal Service. All JCM account holders have daily
access to a team that is devoted to your financial success.
Mr. Jennings meets regularly with investors to discuss
their objectives and concerns and is available daily via
telephone or e-mail.

JCM offers 3 unique and solution oriented programs
designed to be profitable in
both bull and bear markets.

JCM Index: A specific client/investor solution,
non-correlated to the stock market utilizing both short
and long strategies in primarily S&P 500 index futures
and options.

JCM Climatic Profits: A strategy focused on seasonal
patterns and weather developments in primarily the
agricultural and energy commodities.

JCM Energy: A buy side strategy focused on Crude Oil
and Natural Gas.

JCM trading is enhanced by
JEMS, our proprietary
execution management system application developed
entirely by JCM.

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Burr Jennings is a registered Series 3 with over thirty
years of business and trading experience. Since 1997 Mr.
Jennings has been an individual and proprietary trader for
his own account as well as for an investment bank, a
hedge fund and now solely at JCM, a registered
Commodity Trading Advisor.

In 1999 Mr. Jennings developed a dynamic risk and
money management program for containing risk on
institutional and proprietary trading floors. Mr. Jennings
sold this program to a small international investment bank
and subsequently became their director of risk
management and head trader for over a dozen
proprietary traders. This experience lead to years of
research and development with numerous top firms in the
electronic trading arena continuing the refinement of
proprietary risk and money management algorithms.

A brief note from Mr. Jennings:
I began my work in the capital markets as far back as
1984 when I hedged the currency exposure of an import
company that I owned in Newport, Rhode Island.  In
both business and personal investing, my goal has always
been to provide my family with a long-term solution to
the age-old problem of producing above average returns
while maintaining minimal risk.

In my opinion, the best way to accomplish this is to
actively manage investments utilizing both long and short
strategies in products that are inherently tax-efficient.
Jennings Capital Management is dedicated to this quest
and strives daily to provide our customers with the very
best products and services.

To discuss your investment objectives with Burr Jennings
personally, click

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Futures and options on futures are not suitable for all investors.
Only risk capital should be invested
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JCM trading floor circa 2005
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