Jennings Capital Management (JCM) is a firm dedicated to the active
management of commodity futures and options on futures in the domestic
markets. In our opinion, futures are an obvious choice given they inherently
have a short-term capital gains advantage while simultaneously offering
exceptional liquidity and safety relative to common stock when managed

JCM Index: A specific solution utilizing both short and long strategies in
primarily S&P 500 index futures and options, the 10 year note and the 30
year treasury bond.

JCM Climatic Profits: A strategy focused on seasonal patterns and
weather developments in primarily the agricultural and energy commodities.

JCM Energy: A buy side strategy focused on Crude Oil and Natural Gas
and the inevitable rise in energy prices within 18 to 36 months.
Futures and options on futures are not suitable for all investors. Only risk
capital should be invested as futures and options have the potential for
substantial profits as well as losses
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